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Being a manager or coach requires time, patience, and a basic knowledge of the game of baseball.  As a manager or coach, you have more interaction with young people than anyone else in Little League and are vital to the success of Fairfax Little League.  This page is designed to provide you with the resources necessary to assist in your coaching experience.

Included are a few links that you can use to find a comprehensive set of resources from a few professional organizations to better manage your practices and games.  To make it easier to identify specific drills, we have included links to a variety of baseball drills.  Drills marked as easy are intended for our lower levels (Tee Ball, Coach Toss, Rookie, A), while those marked as medium are typically for the Kid Pitch levels in our Minors (AA, AAA) and Majors programs.  The ones marked as advanced are typically for the Teenage programs.  The skill level of your team may differ, though, so please use whichever drills you find appropriate.  Also included are a few practice plans that can be used as a starting point to design your practices.  After a few practices, we encourage you to find the drills and approach that work best for your team.  

If you have any practice plans or drills you would like to share, please email [email protected]

Practice Drills

 LevelThrowing and Catching DrillsBaserunning DrillsFielding DrillsHitting Drills Pitching DrillsCatching Drill

 Arm Mechanics Beginning Baserunner DrillsFun Fielding Drills Introducing the Swing  
 Approach to ThrowingRun the BasesDefensive Rotations  Hitting Off The Tee  
 Team Throwing
 Jog the Bases
 Offense and Defense Progressions Force Fields  
 Clean Up Crew Basepath Relay Tee Ball Fielding DrillsThe Boulder   
 Hit The Helmet How to Slide    


Extreme Catch  Basepath BlitzGround Ball Shuffle Kneeling Good Pitching Mechanics All Together Receiving 
 Four CornersThe Simulator  Four Corners Drill Line Drive DerbyKneel of Fortune Pitching Drill Basic Receiving 
 SuperstarFreeze Tag Up Relay Throws  Soft Toss SluggingBalance Beam Pitching Drill Basic Blocking 
 Throwing Progressions  Mind The Gap Outfield Drill Think Fast Flamingo Pitching Drill Pop-Ups
   Pickle Drill Towel Slap Pitching Drill  Catching Pivot Footwork
     Rock 'N Roll Pitching DrillThrowing Footwork for Catchers 
    The Scarecrow  

 Steal Breaks - First and Second Bunt Defense Color Front Toss First Base Pickoff Moves  Framing Drills
 Leads from First Base Drop Step Cone Drill  Two Strike Approach Pitching from the Slide Step 
  Contact Plays at Third Base First Base Flip to PitcherFour Corners Bunting Working in Set Position  
  Baserunning Circuit  Back Hip Load Drill  

Practice Plans

LevelPractice Plan 1Practice Plan 2
Tee Ball Tee Ball Practice Plan #1Tee Ball Practice Plan #2 
Coach TossCoach Toss Practice Plan #1 Coach Toss Practice Plan #2 
Rookie Rookie Practice Plan #1Rookie Practice Plan#2 
Single ASingle A Practice Plan #1  Single A Practice Plan #2
AA AA Practice Plan #1AA Practice Plan #2 
AAA AAA Practice Plan #1AAA Practice Plan #2 
Majors Majors Practice Plan #1Majors Practice Plan #2 
IntermediateIntermediate Practice Plan #1 Intermediate Practice Plan #2  
JuniorsJuniors Practice Plan #1 Juniors Practice Plan #2 
SeniorsSeniors Practice Plan #1  Seniors Practice Plan #2 

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