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Drafts - 60' Kid Pitch Levels
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  • Pants - the Manager will let you know what color, but gray or white is usually a safe bet
  • Socks - the Manager will let you know what color
  • Cleats - Tee Ball and Single A rubber cleats are nice to have, but not required.  AA through Majors must wear rubber cleats only.  Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to have metal cleats.
  • Bat - click for current Little League bat rules
  • Helmet

Fairfax Little League has an Equipment Exchange before every Spring and Fall season so families can swap gently-used baseball equipment and clothing for boys and girls from T-Ball through Seniors.  Everything is free and you don’t need to bring anything to participate.  Exchanges can also be made anytime on the Fairfax Little League Equipment Exchange page on Facebook.

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Drafts - 60' Kid Pitch levels

Fairfax Little League goes to great lengths to assure each child is placed on a team with his/her peers.  The Spring season begins with an evaluation in which League Committees and Managers view each child and rate them on their abilities in running, batting, fielding, and throwing.  Detailed notes are taken and combined with the players statistics from previous seasons.  This data is used in a draft for Majors, AAA,  and AA in which all managers are given the opportunity to select players for their team. Majors select first, then AAA, and finally AA. This provides a fair distribution of players for each playing level.

During the first few practices there may be adjustments by the Player Agent, although very rare.  If a manager questions whether a child is really ready for that level, he/she will contact the Player Agent and the League Committee may attend and view first hand the child's playing ability.  A determination is made and appropriate action taken.

Please allow the process to take its course and, after a few practices, if you and the Manager still feel strongly about it please contact your Player Agent.  Player agent contact information can be found on the Board of Director's page in the left hand column.

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Evaluations are held for players wishing to play in AA through Juniors.  Players should bring a glove and wear sneakers.  If they have their own bat and helmet, you can bring those also.  No cleats.

For AA-Majors, each of the two divisions, American and National, hold evaluations for the draft in the spring season only. Juniors are combined across the divisions. Managers need to see all the kids to rate them on their abilities in running, batting, fielding, and throwing, so the groups remain together through all the stations. Every child is eligible for the draft and will be selected and placed on a team.

Over the next few weeks following evaluations, Managers use their evaluation notes combined with the players' statistics from previous seasons to conduct the drafts. Majors Managers select players first, then AAA, then AA. Juniors conduct a separate draft.

  • Junior Division – Consists primarily of 13 and 14 year olds that move to a 90 foot field, the same as high school, college, and professional baseball.
  • Intermediate Division - Consists primarily of 13 year olds that move to a 70 foot field with a mound that is 50' from the plate.  
  • Majors Division -- Consists primarily of skilled and experienced 10 to 12 year olds.
  • AAA Minors -- Consists primarily of 8 to 11 year olds who have not yet attained the experience or skill to participate in the Majors Division. 12 year olds may play in AAA minors with a waiver (contact your division's player agent for information).
  • AA Minors -- Consists primarily of 7 to 9 year olds who hit a ball pitched by another player. This level emphasizes batting and fielding

All players enter the draft each year, so team members change from year to year. At the completion of the process, Team Managers notify parents and players.

Player Agents for each League serve as a resource for parents with questions and/or concerns about the process and/or the placement level for their child.  Please see the Board of Directors page for the current player agents.

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Time Commitment 

The regular season lasts approximately two months starting the end of March or early April for the Spring and early September for Fall.  Weather permitting, practices start a couple of weeks prior to the first games.  End of season Division level League-based tournaments usually run for one week. With the exception of Tee Ball and Coach Toss, teams play two games per week, one on a week night (games start at 6:00 or 6:30) and one on Saturday. Tee Ball generally only plays one game on Saturdays. Teams generally practice once or twice a week depending on the Division also.

At the Minor Division level, all games are subject to time limits. For Tee Ball, no new inning shall start later than 1 hour and 15 minutes after the scheduled start time and the game terminates after 4 complete innings or completion of the last legally started inning. For A, no inning will begin later than 1 hour and 30 minutes after the scheduled start time.  For AA & AAA, no inning will begin later than 1 hour and 50 minutes after the scheduled start time for the game. For A & AA, Managers generally want players to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.  For AAA, Managers generally want players to arrive 45-60 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.

In the Spring, Majors teams play six innings unless one team is ahead by 10 or more runs after the fourth inning of play.  Majors Managers generally want players to arrive one hour prior to the scheduled start of the game.

District 10 All Stars Tournament games run from mid-June to mid-July, depending on the team’s success. The Divisions announce All Star players and practices begin on or around June 1st. All Star players likely have a practice or game almost every day of the week during tournament play.

For All Little League Players, Machine Pitch (Rookie & Single A) and above - 

Weather and schedule permitting, end of season tournaments are held for each Division from Rookie to Juniors. These Single or Double Elimination tournaments end in a Championship game whereby the winners and runners-up receive a trophy. The tournament usually runs for one week, and seedings can either be assigned by random drawing or based on regular season standing. 

In the Spring, games tend to be around the last week of May and the first two weeks of June.  In the Fall, this tends to be the last two weeks in October.  All players participate in these Spring and Fall season ending tournaments with their regular season team.    

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District Tournaments

Spring season players qualify for selection to District 10 (American Majors, National Majors, Juniors, and Seniors) Tournament teams. The Players represent Fairfax Little Leagues and compete against neighboring Little Leagues.  These games run from mid-June to mid-July depending on the team's success.  District 10 Tournament team members are announced on or around June 1st with practices beginning immediately and involves practices or games almost every day of the week while the team is in tournament play.  Teams that win District 10 can advance to State Tournaments, Regional Tournaments and even the Little League World Series!

Fairfax Little League will also select Minors Division players (AA and AAA players league age 8-11) for 2 Minors (8-9, 9-11) Tournament teams. The Minors District 10 Tournament is held in mid-June and ends with the District 10 Championship.  The commitment level is less intense and can be a lot of fun for those players not yet playing at the Majors Level or above.  

Minor League players can be selected to play on Major Tournament teams, as sometimes there are not enough players at the Majors level to fill a team.

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Fall Ball

How does Fall ball differ from the Spring Season?

During Fall Ball, the American Division and the National Division combine to field teams for the Tee Ball through Majors levels.  Player evaluations or try-outs are NOT held in the Fall.  Managers draft players for AA and above based on the age, prior level, and player stats from the Spring season. Fall is considered developmental so the emphasis is on practice and skill development.  Standings are not kept but end of season tournaments, conducted via random draw, are held.

Practices start in mid to late August and games run from September to the end of October.  Similar to Spring, AA and above teams play two games per week, one on a week night and one on Saturday.  Machine Pitch and Tee Ball only play one game per week on Saturdays.  Teams generally practice once a week also. 

All levels but Seniors use a continuous batting order and all games are subject to time limits (Minors - same time limits as spring; Majors and above -- no inning will begin later than 2 hours after the scheduled start time for the game). 

Players who were League Age 12 in the Spring should play at the Juniors or the Intermediate level in the Fall to prepare for playing on the 90 foot field in the spring of their League Age 13 year.

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Adding an additional user to an account

You can add an additional user to be linked to a single account! An invite can be sent through email to be added to an account, where the additional user will have their own username and password to access the account. This will allow multiple users to get updates, view payments, and volunteer while linked to one account but still have a separate login.

To add an additional user, you can add them as an additional contact while initially creating an account, as a volunteer during registration, or add them later from your My Account Screen > Edit Account Info>>Add Additional Account Holder

While creating a new user, you will have the option to enter in an additional contact.



The additional user will receive an email where they can accept the invite to the account. They will then be prompted to make their own Username and Password and create a new account to be linked as an additional user.



You can also add the additional user in as a volunteer.


To re-send an invite to the additional user, cancel the invitation to the additional user, or invite an additional user at a later time, go to account settings>>edit account info in the top right corner of the My Account screen.

You will then be able to resend an invite, cancel the invite, or invite another user.

Please note, you can invite more than one additional user to your account.  If the additional user does not accept the invite and create a new username/password, the additional user will still receive Team and Schedule communication from your organization.

Tip: If the additional user invite is being sent because of an added volunteer role, but your family only wants one login, consider changing the primary contact first name and last name to that of the volunteer/additional user.  


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How do I sign up to become a volunteer?

  • If you have already not done so, Register for a Sports Connect account by clicking the “Register” button above.
  • Log in to your Sports Connect account and click on “My Account”, then click on the  Volunteer tab >> and then click on Find Volunteer Roles. 

User-added image

User-added image

• Select the program, division, and role that you wish to sign up for, hit Next, and enter all required information.

• Once you are a volunteer, the role will display in your account like the image below:

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