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Little League Tournament

Little League Tournament

Spring season players qualify for selection to District 10 Tournament teams. The Players represent Fairfax Little League and compete against neighboring Little Leagues in a District Tournament.  Teams that win District 10 can advance to State Tournaments, Regional Tournaments and even the Little League World Series! 

There are 9 Little League Tournament teams and 4 Special Minors Tournament Teams that represent Fairfax Little League:
·         Seniors Team
·         Juniors Team
·         Intermediate Team
·         Majors 10-12 National and American Teams
·         Majors/Minors 9-11 National and American Teams
·         Majors/Minors 8-10 National and American Teams
·         Special Minors 9-11 National and American Teams
·         Special Minors 8-9 National and American Teams

Little League Tournament
Visit and click ‘Tournaments’ for the most up-to-date information about this year’s District and State tournaments

Special Minors Tournament
Fairfax Little League will also select Minors Division players (AA and AAA players league age 8-11) for 2 Minors (8-9, 9-11) Tournament teams.  The Minors District 10 Tournament is held in mid-June and ends with the District 10 Championship.  These tournaments can be a lot of fun for those players not yet playing at the Majors Level or above.  Minor League (AA, AAA) players can be selected to play on Major Tournament teams, as sometimes there are not enough players at the Majors level to fill a team.

Please be aware of the following as you consider your interest in a Tournament team:
·         The teams will be announced approximately June 1
·         Practices will begin on or shortly after June 1st with a practice/scrimmage/game almost every evening during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays.
·         Once the school year is over, practices may last longer than regular-season practices. 

Tournament Calendars
Estimated minimum commitments through Championship Game of the District 10 Tournament:
·   8-9 Special Minors and 9-11 Special Minors teams are June 1 - July 1   
·   8-10 Majors Little League team is June 1 - 26 (July 6 state tournament report date)
·   9-11 Majors Little League team is June 1 - 27 (July 13 state tournament report date)
·   10-12 Majors Little League team is June 1 - July 3 (July 13 state tournament report date)
·   Intermediate Little League team does not have a District tournament  (July 6 state tournament report date)
·   Juniors Little League team is June 1 – July 8 (July 12 state tournament report date)
·   Seniors Little League team is June 1 – 25 (July 6 state tournament report date)

Please consider summer vacation plans and activities BEFORE committing to any of the post-season tournament teams, as selected players are expected to be available throughout the duration of play until the team is finished.

Tournament Selection Process
The Fairfax Little League Tournament teams are formed through a competitive selection process detailed in Section 11 of the Fairfax Little League Bylaws.  

Minimum Playing Time Rules
It is an honor just to be selected to a Tournament Team and we understand the time commitment involved.  However, please note that playing time rules are different than regular season: 

•  Batting - A continuous batting order is now used for Tournament games (except Seniors).  
•  Defense - There are no defensive playing requirements regardless of roster size.   

Please expect that Tournament Team Managers will implement these rules and some players will likely only receive the minimum playing requirement in certain games. This is a highly competitive environment and this strategy is consistent across all teams participating in District, State, Regional, and International Tournaments.  Please discuss with your player their expectations prior to making them eligible for selection to a Tournament Team.

Registration Process
Indicate whether you are interested in being eligible for selection on a team before 10:00 PM on May 7, 2023; no players will be accepted for consideration after this time.  To indicate your indicate, please register via one of the links below.  Note that you will be added to a waitlist and payment ($75) will not be collected until after tournament teams are announced.

National Division Registration
American Division Registration
Teenage Division Registration

If you are registering for the Teenage Division, you will also need to fill out a Google Form.  

Eligibility Documents Needed
Every player selected for a Tournament Team must present the following documents to the Player Agent. 
•  Original Birth Certificate
•  If child’s last name is different from parent’s last name, copies of records establishing a parental or guardian relationship between the parent and player

Residence shall be established and supported by 3 documents dated or in force between February 1, 2022 and February 1, 2023:
•  Drivers license
•  Auto registration
•  Voters registration card (

For more information, including alternative forms of documentation accepted, see the Little League website.  Without these documents, a player may not play on a Tournament team. Parents should check their birth records now to make sure they qualify for acceptance:

A school enrollment form or LLD waiver will be used for those that do not qualify based on residency. 

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