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What should I do if a parent is not receiving emails?

A couple things could be going on. First you will want to make sure that the parent is a part of the groups you are sending emails to. Sometimes a child may not actually be apart of that program or the parent may have a completely separate account that is not linked to their child in any way. The parent may have also accidently unsubscribed to club emails. If you go to Emails>>Manage Subscriptions, you can check to see what the status of their email is.

If they are subscribed, their email might be bouncing. You can check for this by going to Emails>>Email Statistics>>Bounced Emails. If this does not yield any results, just contact us with the email address in question and we can take a look on our end.

What should I do if I am trying to upload a file and it says the file size is too large?

The file manager is smaller in individual areas of the site. If you have a file that will not upload directly into the emailer, try adding it to the overall file manager. You can access this by going to Common>>Files and clicking the upload button in either the docs or images folder. Once it has been added, you can go back to the emailer and choose the file.

If someone has already opted in to receive text messages for a group will they have to opt in again if added to a new group?

No, they do not need to opt in again. If they are added to a new group, they will still get the group email notifying them and giving them the code. They do not need to text the new code back in order to opt in though.

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